• INCOMING MAIL – POP: (always mail. then your domain name)
    • OUTGOING MAIL – SMTP: (always mail. then your domain name)
    • Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended)
      • INCOMING MAIL – POP: 993  (Turn on SSL/TLS)
      • OUTGOING MAIL – SMTP: 587 (Turn on SSL/TLS)
      • Outgoing Server
      • Select = My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
      • Select =Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
      • Select = Leave a copy of messages on the server.
      • Select = Remove messages from the server after 7-14 days

      Please Note

      • Please note we do not keep backups longer than 7 days, please download your mail and make own backups.
      • You make use of this email service entirely at your own risk and you may not hold the Service providers , Owners, Staff or any person working with the email systems responsible for any damages or loss that may occur while using this service,
      • The Webbug pty ltd , Websites SA, VE Host or any party involved providing this service does not accept any responsibility for any mail that may be lost, wrongfully delivered , intercepted or hacked in any way taken whatsoever.
      • In the event of a virus attack we reserve the right to delete all mail without notice,
      • If using IMAP you may lose all your emails on the server.
      • IMAP will also keep all mail on the server and fill up your mailbox If limit is reached you will be upgraded to the next package.
      • By default we always setup an “” Email address.
      • You have more email addresses available, each mailbox has a 1000meg limit,
      • Eazy way to make your own BACKUPS: Setup your email to download in your Gmail account
        • Step 1 – Log in to Gmail and go to Settings
        • Step 2 – Add an email account
        • Step 3 – Enter your email address
        • Step 4 – Confirm you want to import with POP
        • Step 5 – Enter the POP server settings
        • Step 6 – Confirm you want to send from Gmail
        • Step 7 – Enter the sender name
        • Step 8 – Enter the SMTP server settings
        • Step 9 – Open the Gmail Confirmation email
        • Step 10 – Enter the verification code
        • Step 11 – Verify your settings
      • If you have any quires please visit or mail us at

      Please log a Ticket for support here